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You can find lots of info in my LinkedIn and Xing profiles but it is hard to convey the effect of living and working in many places with people of many cultures.  Perspectives and even priorities change as you cross time zones or other lines on maps but across the globe most teams still want to get things “done”.

I formerly served on the IASA Germany Board of Advisors.  IASA is at heart an Education organization dedicated to furthering the Architecture profession in Information Technology. Today I support IASA by promoting and participating in events as a speaker.


Currently holding a CITA Specialist (CITA-S) certificate with an emphasis on Information Architecture.  This is Board certification with no official preparation tools.  There is no test, only a kind of essay and an interview with a Review Board.


I am a fan of Agile leading with Scrum and Lean.  I have never worked on a formal Scrum project though- there are always exceptions in the process to accommodate existing structures so the best that I can say is that most deliveries are Scrum-like or Scrum-inspired. I use Scrum and Lean principals daily to drive value for my clients though.
I currently hold two certificates from, Professional Scrum Master I, and Profession Scrum Product Owner I.  
You can’t beat the Scrum Guide if you are looking for an intro, you can pass the PSM I reading only this guide, but when you are practicing daily, you will quickly find that there are a lot of areas which require attention that just are not covered in the guide, especially when working with multiple Scrum teams.